Is a route planning software only beneficial for companies with a fleet of dozens of trucks? The answer is no. It is not the number of trucks, but the complexity of operations that determines if a route planning software is needed. Anyone who sends several trucks a day, with several stops per trip has a need for good overview and optimized efficiency. So what are the benefits of route planning software?

How does a route planning software work?

A route planning software automatically distributes your orders across the fleet. The orders indicate at which locations a truck must stop, and then the system calculates the optimal routes along those locations. This way, you are assured to get the most efficient transport planning – and save valuable kilometres and hours. Thanks to the system’s planning accuracy, you serve your customers better.

The limitations of manual scheduling

Manual scheduling might work just fine in businesses with two or three vehicles and a handful of stops per truck. If the number of vehicles and the number of stops increases, the situation quickly becomes challenging. After all, the number of possibilities for the distribution of orders over the journeys increases exponentially. So how do you determine which journeys are the most efficient?

Based on knowledge and experience, some planners manage to make a reasonably good route planning. But a reasonably good plan is not an optimal plan. Even a few unnecessary kilometers or hours per day will significantly increase your annual expenses: Fuel costs, drivers’ pay, maintenance and depreciation. More kilometers mean more wear and tear.

The advantages of route planning software

At the heart of a route planning software are algorithms. In essence, they quickly and smartly calculate all possible trips and routes and compare them according to parameters such as kilometers and hours. This way, a route planning software easily provides the most efficient trip planning – every day.

What makes a route planning software extra useful is that it automatically considers all kinds of preconditions, restrictions, and other factors that impact the planning. The number of wishes and requirements that a schedule must meet increases every year. Not only do customers become more demanding, but also their environment.

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