In the logistics industry, purchasing and implementing a route optimization software raises many questions. Not only for the company looking for the software, but also for us – the supplier of such a system.

Most companies we speak to for the first time do not have clear answers to our questions – and they don’t have to. But it helps to think about it beforehand. That’s why I formulated nine questions for you, the potential users of a route optimization software. The first three you can read on this blog:

1 Do you have an available budget?

Of course, a route optimization software saves costs. That’s the first thing I try to convince companies of. But that does not alter the fact that the purchase and implementation involve spending money in the short-term. For example, for licensing and implementation, and also for internal costs. The company itself will have to free up manpower for the implementation of the system.

2 What is the reason for purchase?

That’s an obvious question, to which I often do not get a clear answer. However, that answer is important in order to be able to formulate clear objectives. Different answers are possible: saving time during planning, keeping a grip on a growing number of restrictions, better fulfilling of delivery promises, and reducing emissions .

3 What do you specifically want to achieve?

When is an implementation of a route optimization software successful? The answer is closely related to that of the previous question. Try to make the objectives as concrete as possible, so that they can be evaluated. Think of the meaning of SMART objectives: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Is this question tricky for you? Then we can help you answer it.

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What do I need before buying a route optimization software?

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